im going to piss



im going to piss

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Greetings Authority,

We are the citizens of the world. We are Anonymous. We are Occupy. We are the Victims. For far too long we have given our police the ultimate authority without questioning their abilities and reasoning. We have allowed our police to utilize military type weapons against their own civilians. We have allowed them to make decisions, often in error, without any accountability. We have watched the Rodney King videos (Goodnight Sweet Prince), we have seen the Robert Leone free-for-all. We are pissed, and we will no longer sit idle while our police forces use us as collateral damage for a political agenda.

We, the people, urge everyone to take action against this sort of abuse and to put an end to this decline toward a police state. We ask you to videotape and record the police during their daily duties. If you see an officer issuing a parking ticket, record him. If you see an officer holding a victim at gun point, record him. If you see an officer harassing a fellow protester, record him. The police watch us with dash mounted cameras, street cameras, red light cameras and even remote mobile cameras. It’s time the watchers become watched. It’s time the abusers are held accountable. As the authorities say of us; “If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear.”.

To the police officers who agree with our message and our urgent request for action, we thank you and applaud you. However, we ask you to do your part as well. Speak out against the abusive officers you encounter. Park your squad car in a spot that your dash cam can accurately record the scene. Work with your Internal Affairs department to prosecute and debadge these police bullies. You have been sworn to serve and protect the community. You were not sworn to harbor criminals and bullies. Do not allow your communities to suffer any longer. You too have the right to speak out against these criminals.

The Operation is simple; We watch the watchers.

Pick up a camera, do not hinder the job function of the police officer, do not cross police lines and do not interfere with any arrests, but make sure you’re recording everything including badge numbers and name plates. The vast majority of states within the United States have made case law to uphold the citizens first amendmend rights to record the police, citing “No officer can have a reasonable expectation of privacy while fulfilling their duties to their communities.”. This means the law is on YOUR side, not the police.

If you record an abusive officer, or a cop acting outside the scope of the laws he is to enforce, place it on YouTube with a tag of OpCopWatch. You can also host your recording however you wish and let us know on twitter @OpCopWatch and hashtag #OpCopWatch. We recommend you contact your local news agency and broadcast stations to report this abuse and provide them with a copy of your video. The more eyes you have seeing your video, the more pressure upon the offending officer to be held accountable.

Many cops will cite the Wiretap law as covering voice recordings and may ask you to stop recording audio. This is false, the wiretap law covers communications and telephony only. Recording video is media, and is protected under the first amendment right. Join with other like minded individuals and create groups, workshops, teach-ins and other means of letting the public know they too can become involved in their own national security. Yes, you too can take part in national security and be a good little patriot by bringing the true criminals to face judgment.

We are Anonymous
We are Legion
We do not forgive
We will not forget
You are being watched
We do not like what we see
Expect us

#OpCopWatch Engaged
@OpCopWatch Engaged

If you have nothing to hide, then you have nothing to fear.


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tumblr where apparently it is very trendy to pretend to worship Satan

what do you mean pretend


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What if we lived in a universe where numbers were counted in bird names and bird names were numbers

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Angels - The xx

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I fucking hate weeping angels.





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Jensen Ackles - Angeles

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ArtistSteve Carlson
TitleAngeles (feat. Jensen Ackles)
AlbumSharing the Covers

Fringe Friday

I haven’t posted anything in a while. Im so busy. I’m caught in school and what not, but mainly all the new episodes coming out for like every show. 2 Broke Girls started their second season, New Girl released the first two episodes of their second season, Parks and Recreation released their second episode for their fifth season, How I Met Your Mother started their eighth season, Doctor Who already released four episodes of their seventh season and is releasing the fifth episode tomorrow, and now today Fringe started its fifth and final season. Ohh wow the feels Fringe gives me. I’ve been with this show since it started, in the beginning i watched it religiously but stopped for a while. I caught up again recently and now it makes me sad that this is their last season. This show was really good, like fucking mind blowing shit!! Just to celebrate, im gonna get really high and make this a memorable night.